Top - BCBG Outlet; Pants - H&M; Shoes - Anthro; Belt - Urban (sample); Lips - MAC (Dare You)

Date: Thursday, April 21, 2011

Do you know what it means when you get an outfit picture from the ACTUAL DAY I took pictures? Several things...

  1. Whatever I cooked for the week was lackluster, and not worth posting
  2. My hair is really irking me
  3. I'm working from home, thus I can wear what I want
  4. I didn't take pictures any other time in the week, and I'm probably scrambling for a post idea

Lately, it's been tough getting dressed - my belly is steadily growing, so I'm adjusting to the "new me". Also - I still try to not repeat outfits, and I'm ONLY working with about 1/4 of my wardrobe. Thankfully, I had time to review my Lucky magazine from April during my morning workout today, and I got some new inspiration for styling my clothes. I've been meaning to give you (and myself) more than your regular tunic + leggings look. After flipping through the magazine, I got inspiration for a couple of looks with harem pants = elastic waistbands!!!

This look is a look I wouldn't have thought I could pull off pregnant, but I actually like it. What I like even more is that these pants were $5 at H&M when I got them last year - SCORE! I'm going to be reviewing magazines during my free time to get some inspiration for new looks. Oh - if any of you have any ideas also - feel free to share :)


  1. I love this outfit, Monique! It's so simple, clean and chic. I should look into shopping at Anthropologie & UO. I like the collection u have!

    Congratulations on the baby, it must be so so exciting for you. I hope you're doing well :)

  2. @ Sandra - Thank you! Anthro is definitely my go-to spot. They are pricey, so I typically shop sale only.

  3. Well I'm very late on the news but CONGRATULATIONS! :-) You'll be a great mom and you LOOK GREAT! I'm really taking notes on how you are using stylish non maternity clothes.

    I really like this one.

  4. Well, might I say you are looking awesome-possum (to use my own term (I swear that's a compliment I'm just weird like that lol)). I think this is my favorite outfit from you, especially with the hair and red lips. :-)

  5. I like it, no I love this outfit! You have made harem pants cool and chic! I love the belt and shoes you added to the outfit! Lovely red lip! :)

    I still have to put that lipstick shade on my must buy list!

  6. Thanks everyone, this is probably going to be a fave of mine!

  7. HOT! You are writing the book on pregnant style, miss lady!

  8. You look so cute! I love that outfit. I swear it's like your belly vanishes and re-appears depending on your outfit.

  9. You look GOOD! and springy! LOVEEE!

  10. Cute! I love fashion mags, they always come through lol! I think you're working what you got well, only having 1/4 of your clothes fitting right now lol!