Three things from my week that made me smile...

1. My 25th Bday celebration with my family. Pictured Godmother, Me, Lil Bro, Dad Naja, Mom.

2. The Glow. This awesome website showcases stylish moms and their gorgeous babies. I absolutely love the photography, art, and inspiration for families. One of my favorite quotes that I can definitely relate to is from Ana Lerario-Geller: "Take naps whenever you can, drink enough water, and accept that you look tired (and that’s not necessarily bad).”

3. New shoes from Anthro! Ok folks, let's just say these are another bday gift. My mom and godmother got me Anthro gift cards for my bday, but I will try to spread them out so I don't get everything all at once!


  1. Awesome picture. You all look so happy. What a beautiful family you have! God is so good isn't he?

  2. I love the family picture and you have the same smile as your mom! Little Naja is already posing like her mom! :)

    Why would you tempt me with those FABULOUS shoes! Oooh, I so want a pair now!

  3. Your family is beautiful. Happy birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday in arrears! You look like your dad and brother and your mom's smile. I love genes :)

  5. Your hair looks amazing! Happy belated birthday! And look at the baby!!!!!!


  6. Monack!
    You're still GLOWING!!! love ya *smooches*