4 Weeks

WOWZERS, my little bear is already 4 weeks old!!! I can't believe it, the time has literally flown by. This past week I took Naja out alone (just the two of us) for the first time. On Sunday, I planned for us to go to church and the grocery store. I think my plans were a little too ambitious for Naja...

First, I had to switch the car seat base and move it to my car. Have any of you tried to secure a car seat base? I think it should belong on a list of "Top 10 Hardest Things To Do In Life." Seriously, I broke a sweat trying to get the base securely clamped in the car, and I'm fairly mechanically inclined. This unforseen challenge also made us run late for church. I secured the car seat base, we got in the car, and 10 minutes into the ride Naja started crying. When I woke up on Sunday, I tried to time everything so that she'd be waking up right around the time we got to church. With my clock pushed back, this was a #epicfail situation. I drove for a couple more minutes, and I could tell she was not going to stop fussing. I pulled over into a parking lot, nursed her, changed her, and Naja went back to sleep. Unfortunately, by this time we were 40 minutes late for church, AND we still had another 15 minutes or so to get there. I decided to nix church, and head to the grocery store. The remainder of the outing went well - I just kept her in the car seat, and she stayed asleep the entire time.

My mom and I also took Naja out shopping. For this outing, I carried her in my Moby Wrap. She was an ANGEL! So much so, we felt comfortable hitting the mall 2 days in a row! She did wake up once, and I nursed her, but she went right back to being content and quiet. My only pieve with the mall trip was that some woman (a stranger) kissed her...on her cheek! I didn't know how to react. "Whoa lady - back up off my child!" I know I looked uncomfortable as she approached us, but I didn't know people would invade your personal space and privacy like that. I mean, she wasn't creepy - she was a mom in her 60s, and she didn't speak much English. Thus, I kind of chalked the gesture up to a cultural misunderstanding.

So that was our week. I got my first taste of going out with a child. As for Naja, most of my updates about her surround the topic of nursing, and I've been debating whether or not I should discuss that on the blog. I think I will, but I'll save it for next week!


  1. Very strange that the woman kissed Naja. I think you're right to mark it as a cultural thing and let it slide. One thing I've noticed about people is that they love to put their dirty hands in a newborns face. Baby skin is too sensitive for that!

    I'm pretty interested to hear about nursing firsthand and not from a book. My friend nursed her daughter and hated it. I just could not understand that!

  2. This is YOUR blog, you should discuss what you want. I think breastfeeding does not get talked about as much as it should. There are huge volumes written about childbirth but not a lot on what comes after. I found it so challenging with my older son and could not believe that no one told me it would be so hard. Anyway, totally hear you on the car seats. I could never do those things right.

  3. She is a super cute baby but what woman kissing her is way out of line. You are kind, I woould have done a swift karate chop - regardless of her age.

  4. That is one precious pumpkin!!! She is beautiful!

  5. Look at that cute little face, she is so adorable!! Your super nice because I would have gave her the hand..like back up off my baby! Lol

    Mama Mo you are turning little Naja into a fashionista like you!

  6. this baby is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

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  7. Thank you everyone, I really do appreciate it!!!

    @Dana - thanks, I do think I will write on it, I'm looking forward to it too.

    @Jc - LOL!

  8. what a precious lik sweetie! shes gorgeous! Congrats!