She's Alive

Dress, hat - Urban; Shoes - Target; Earrings - Frank & Myrrh; Watch - Fossil

Date: Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hey everyone, I haven't posted any pictures of myself in forever. I know that's extremely vain, but this blog is part-style, so vanity is kind of a part of the whole deal. I will have A LOT of updates some time soon. For now, this outfit was worn for a family fun night. BONUS - two of my line sisters came to visit me, I love those girls :)


  1. It looks like Naja is letting you sleep. :) You look great! And Naja is (getting even more) beautiful. That woman who kissed her on the cheek- yikes. That kind of thing drove me nuts when my little one was a baby.

  2. You look fab! cant tell you had a baby weeks ago!

  3. looking FAB, ma! what do you mean you *just* had a baby? you are writing the book on post-baby bounce back!

    also, the vanity is what we are here for....well, that, and now the baby pics ;)

  4. I agree with Camille I need a book on post-baby bounce back for the future. Maybe I just need to learn how to eat healthier food from you.

    I'm happy to see your back and showing legs! Go Mo!! I so missed out on those brown wedges. Jealous!! You look great!!

  5. Thanks everyone!!!

    @Camille Acey - lol.

  6. You look so cute! I swear Urban Outfitters has the best hats. I've bought so many from them over the years :)