6 Weeks

Holy smokes folks! My maternity leave is up and today is my first day back at work. While I have a ton of email to catch up on, I have a ton of updates about my little bear! First, I think I missed out on one of many firsts: rolling over. I'm so upset that I missed this, and that I'm not sure whether or not I missed it. I woke up yesterday morning, and laid her down on her belly for "belly time" in the center of her playmat. I turned around for about 10 seconds to grab something from my bathroom and when I looked back at Naja, she was on her back and halfway off the mat! I was confused when I first saw her. I thought to myself: Did I put you this far away off the mat? Did I put you on your back? WTH, did you just ROLL OVER?!?!? What just happened!?!?!?

I then did what any parent would do - I put her back on her belly hoping to see this great "roll over" feat again. To my dismay, she did not roll over again, instead, she hung out on her belly, lifting her head until she was ready to do something else. Totally the pits!

Another thing - Naja is FASCINATED with my hair. She started focusing in on things (with her eyes) last week. You can tell she really is looking at you now! Well, she seems to stare look at my hair more than my face. I know this because when I move, she moves, but she's not looking at my face. She only does this with me, and it's hilarious. If I had to caption her facial expression when observing, it would be something like:

"What is that on your head? That's different...haven't seen that look on anyone else...seriously, that is SOOOO interesting..."

Naja is learning more and starting to interact more with everyone, and I'm loving the growth! It's crazy how quickly they change from week to week at this age. What an amazing thing to watch.


  1. Or maybe, 'when is my hair going to be like that?' :)

  2. Wow! Isn't six weeks early to roll over? I thought that didn't happen until babies were several months. Good childcare is so important! Where does Naja go while you work?

  3. Amazing photos! Look at that little one. :-)

    If in fact you did miss this first, there are so many more to come. Be ready!

    So do you have to move back now? Wish you the best back on the j-o-b.

  4. Aw look at baby Naja! :) she's so cute. Is she gonna be a fashionista like you? If so will you add that to your blog?