Wild Thing

Dress - Vintage; Belt - Vintage; Shoes - Urban; Tank - Urban; Accessories - ??? Old (2004)

Date: Saturday, July 2, 2011

I was so pleased with how this "wild thing" outfit turned out. I've actually worn this dress a couple other times during my expectancy, but I have yet to take a picture in it. I normally layer it with a different tank and change up my belt for a different look. I really love how this belt in particular looks with it. Yesterday I was Mother Nature, and today I'm a Wild Thing!

PS - For my hair, I was aiming for a flat twist out, highlighted here. However, I didn't let my hair dry, so it just went afro on me. I still loved it!
PSS - That last picture of my scrunched up face...I practice that face to see where my wrinkle lines will be when I get older - true story. REAL STORY - a bug flew into my eye right when the timer went off, smh.


  1. Such cute style! And loving the hair!! Follow each other?


  2. Okay, so you are looking adorably pregnant, and your hair is CUTE!!! I love it!

  3. Your hair is fantastic! You are truly the picture of stylish, saucy pregnancy. Love the Wild Thing look.

  4. that dress is too cute. question, is it even a "maternity" dress or are you pulling off all of these looks with empire waist dresses in fabric that gives a little?


  5. Thanks everyone! Really made my day!

    @Mizz - the dress isn't maternity, the material is gooey, so surprisingly it works, it just sits differently on my body :)

  6. You look so cute and I love the big hair! Looking fabulous mommy to be! :)

  7. Nice hair. Aren't you doing the loc thing anymore?

  8. Thanks again.

    @MPB - I changed my mind, but who knows how long that will last...