Super Trife

Top - F21; Skirt - J. Crew; Shoes - Borrowed from Mom

Date: Sunday, July 17, 2011

Is it super trife that I'm posting this outfit OVER a week late? I mean - I'm literally without the belly and everything now. This was my last pic preggo. It's funny looking at my pics - I think my face was definitely swollen in the last few weeks. Let me also just say that I think my hair looks a little crazy here, and it kind of has been crazy the past week. It's just been WILD! I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it. Depending on the time it takes these first few weeks, I'm considering a big chop. I know - I've been growing it, blah blah, but seriously - I don't want to spend HOURS on my hair. I have a whole hair update post drafted, I just need to tweak it a bit (for those who care). I missed 3 days of posting last week, but I still have a lot of good stuff backed up - food specifically! I may also throw in a post-baby outfit pic too...maybe. :)

I wore the top here.


  1. I think it's totally o.k. that your hair may have been a little crazy lately... you did have a baby lol

    Do you feel like your face and your body are starting to revert back to your pre-pregnancy look?

  2. Well um yeah talk about a rewind lol!

    I do not think your hair looks crazy at all. It looks pretty normal. I tend to not go out with my afro more because it rains all the time and I hate the extra shrinkage that brings. So I will always be in a pinned / tucked style but I always adore free form afros on the girls who defy the weather.

  3. @LaNeshe - lol, thanks! My face is definitely back to normal, and surprisingly my boddy is close. I can fit into all my clothes now, I just have a little bit extra since things aren't tight. I can't wait to get back running again, and I'm going to start doing some yoga too.

    @Jc - thank you!!! I like free-form afros on others, but I seem to always think I look a little crazy, lol.

  4. Wait, your long braids only stayed in for 9 days? You look fabulous as always

  5. ha ha, i thought those braids were supposed to stay in a little longer!

    well, as usual i am here to beg you not to do anything drastic with your beautiful hair. your length is SHOWING honey! isnt that what we've been waiting for?

  6. @Camille Acey - they were SUPPOSED to stay, but since I did them myself, I only lost time...and I was so over having a headache bc of my hair. Also RE length, I feel like I'm close to where I wanted to be, but now is when things start taking more time, and I just don't feel like it...more on it later :)