Wing tips and red lips

Dress - Vintage, Flea Market find in 2010; Belt - Limited; Shoes - Kenneth Cole via Nordstrom; Earrings - Urban; Lips - MAC (Dare You)

Date: Sunday, May 8, 2011

I found this dress last year at the Fairmount Annual Flea Market. When I saw it, I thanked God for the 1950's woman who was busty, and careful enough to take care of this lovely dress so that I could find it for $20 at a flea market. As a matter of fact, the same season I found this dress, Anthro had a similar dress in their store - bow in the front and everything, only it cost about 6 times more than my thrifted find.

I played dress up this day and added a wing tip eye using lots of black liner and red hot lipstick to go with the whole vintage theme. It was actually a huge surprise that the dress still fit me. I've come to realize that I should try a dress on before I dismiss it as "not going to work". While some dresses are CLEARLY inconceivable, others are very doable, even with my growing belly! I'm sure this look will make my personal Top 10 for favorite pregnant looks.


  1. You look WONDERFUL, this outfit is a perfect copy of 50's style. I love the extra touches you did with you make-up! FABULOUS OUTFIT!

    Definitely a top 10 look! ;)

  2. @ Mrs. J - Thank you, you're so nice! Seriously, what would I do without your comments?