Top - H&M; Vest - Anthro (sample); Pants - Urban; Shoes - Urban; Hat - Urban (sample)

Date: Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Prior to being an expecting mother, I heard stories about the rising costs of daycare, and the security that surrounds these institutions. Now that I'm actually LOOKING for placement - I can say that all of the stories I previously heard ring quite true. I don't have the luxury of being a stay-at-home mom. I plan to continue to be an engineer, and work full-time, and maximize my 6 weeks of maternity leave. Yes - 6 whole weeks! It is unfortunate that I have to send my newborn off into strangers hands at such a young age, however I know I'm not the first mom/dad who has had to cope with this difficult truth. Although, most of us who do this do it because we have to, it's still tough.

Today, I visited another daycare. I consider the visit somewhat successful, because now I know I don't want to send Naja there. However this also means my search continues...

Note: With everything that's going on, I will try to still add some creativity to my posts, but sometimes I will keep it plain and real and just tell you what's going on.

PS - Third day I'm wearing this hat, and I'm not mad about it.


  1. Finding a daycare is a nightmare! I chuckled at you considering the visit successful because you didn't like it, lol. I found my daycare through a friend referral and I love them! Its a family run home daycare. Good luck with your search!

  2. I know! I am counting the days when my daughter can venture to elementary school but even then some after school programs require payment. I dont know if we can ever escape it! LOL
    PS - I love your hat!
    S Nicole

  3. one of my fav looks so far. simple black and white then, BAM - color!!

  4. This is gorgeous. I love the colour (maybe that is why I liked the church look too - with the dress with the invisible stain that I couldn't see).

    6 weeks is all you get! It is 6 months in UK.

  5. Mo - I can try to ask around some when I'm home in the beginning of June and see if I can get some more daycare info for you. Good luck!

    - Bethany

  6. Thanks for the supportive comments ladies.

    @Jc - 6 MONTHS!!! I'm in awe - pure awe, that's amazing.

    @ Bethany - thank you, hopefully I'll have something by June :)

  7. Girl, you are wearing that hat! I love it. Great ensemble and I'm totally feeling that vest!

    Best of luck with the daycare situation. Friend referrals, churches, etc. Keep looking. Does your job not have any daycare services? My cousins had that and they would slip away and check on their kid. Such a nice perk.

  8. This is my favorite outfit featuring the hat so far. You should really consider doing a "1 piece and 1 week concept" Love the open colorful vest!!

    ps. I hope you find a great daycare soon.

  9. @ Libby - thanks girl! Unforch, my company doesn't offer that. I have heard of companies who do, that is a great perk!

    @ Mrs. J - Thank you! That's a great suggestion, I may have to ponder on that!

  10. This is one of the best looks you have created while pregnant. It's simple, elegant and certainly looks comfortable. All the best with finding a daycare. It's really deplorable in the U.S., almost zero support for women who have children.

  11. That vest is incredible. The colors are great and you styled it well.

    I don't have kids and haven't given thought to how hard daycare would be to negotiate, but now that you mentioned it, that seems like it could be crazy hard. I hope you find a good place soon!

  12. Love, this outfit! Good luck on the daycare search. 6 weeks is not enough time off! They really need redo these maternity leaves.

  13. @Savannah - Thank you! 6 weeks is not enough, I think the US could borrow from the French and Canadians when it comes to maternity leave :)

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