Three things from my week that made me smile...

1. An AWESOME weekend with my line sister. We went out to Continental (Philadelphia, PA) for some drinks and food. We ate good food and chilled the entire weekend. Pictured below: Twizzle cocktail and mocktail. I loved my mocktail, it just made me feel grown again - people really treat you like a child when you're expecting.

2. Brown Betty Dessert Boutique - Philadelphia, PA. Their cupcakes are AMAZING, I ate mine so quick I didn't take a picture of the actual cupcake! If you go, get "Only for Eliza" - it's a sweet potato cake with cream cheese frosting. Brown Betty is also black-owned - hi-five for supporting minority-owned businesses!

3. Comedy for a Cause - Philadelphia, PA. My friend Lindsay received tickets to attend a comedy benefit show to support the Community Partnership School. The event was awesome - we had lots of laughs, great food and an all around good time! Pictured below: Lindsay and me after the event. I wore a vintage dress that formerly belonged to my aunt in the 80s'.


  1. I miss Philadelphia! :(

    1)The Continental was a great hang-out spot during college days.
    2)I need to see a cupcake next Sounds yummy though!
    3)You look lovely! Are you going to do an outfit post with the dress?

  2. @ Mrs J - Thank you! Girl, I do have a couple of nearly full-length photos, but I'm not sure how I feel about them...the dress ended up being form-fitting around my belly so I was looking EXTRA, EXTRA pregnant, LOL!

  3. I love the pics on this blog. SO nice.......and that mocktail still rocks! :)
    S Nicole

  4. Looked at those two beauties! Positively beaming.

  5. The last pic is GORGEOUS! Pretty girls!