Low-key chillin'

Dress - Modcloth; Blazer - Banana; Boots - Cavenders; Earrings - Gift

Date: Saturday, April 30, 2011

This weekend my line sister (sorority sister who was initiated the same class as me) came to visit. She was in town for work, and decided to stay with me for the weekend. We had a BLAST! We spent the weekend eating, chatting and chilling - three of my favorite things to do. She took my pictures for me this day. In one of our conversations we were talking about my blog and she asked me, "So...do you really wear these outfits? Where do you go?" I laughed and replied, "YES, I do wear them, and a lot of times, I really don't go anywhere!"

I explained that after a while, I got so used to taking pictures for my blog, that it doesn't matter what is or isn't going on. I always get dressed. Take Saturday for example, we grabbed a bite out and chilled, and this is what I chose to wear. In other words - the day was VERY low-key. I don't get dressed by occasion anymore, I get dressed because it's illegal to be naked - JK. I get dressed because I enjoy putting outfits together, and every day is a new challenge to find something cute and "new", regardless of whether I'm chillin' or going somewhere special!

PS - Disclaimer on the last picture...the dress looks a lot shorter than it actually was.
PSS - Hair was like Esperanza Spalding's at the 2011 Grammy's.


  1. lol it shouldn't be illegal to be naked... I've been wearing my hair like that as well haha. Esperanza vibessss.



  2. Go girl I love the Esperanza look! I like the short dress and cowboy boots too.

    I sometimes get dress for no reason I guess it's the life of a style blogger. :)