Whoa belly!

Dress - Anthro (2009)?; Blazer - Anthro (2009); Shoes - Macy's (2008)

Date: Sunday, May 22, 2011

First off - how did I even fit into this dress? I'm still not sure about that, but I think this is probably the LAST time I would have been able to wear it. Honestly - it was a bit tight, but it wasn't unbearable. I don't know what's up with people inviting me to all of these formal/nice clothing required events while I'm pregnant. LOOK - NOTHING FITS (how I want)!!! It's like my belly just pops right out and says "HELLO!" In this last week - it's really popped out there. Sorry, about the slight rant-tangent.

On Sunday, my aunt was honored at her church for being the "Woman of the Year." I was happy to be able to show her support because she is AMAZING, and I love her to pieces *MUAH* - that's for you Aunt Kim :). Her church is a little more traditional than mine, thus I had to dress up, again. Two dressed up outfits at 30+ weeks pregnant...I don't know how I might make nice outfits work as I get bigger, I better get my creative juices flowing!

Random SN: Is it just me, or is everyone expecting? Ashley just made an announcement, and so did Sydney, while I don't know them in real life...two friends from my bball team are expecting, one of my line sisters is also expecting, and another two friends just had little girls in March. I guess that's what happens when you get a lot of snow during the winter...you get a lot of babies in the summer and fall.

See the blazer here.

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