To loc or not to loc?

Hey Everyone,

Happy New Year!!!

I meant to get an outfit post up today, but I just couldn't get around to it. I know this is a fairly "weak" post but I decided to pose a question that has been boggling my mind for the past couple of days. The question is:

Should I loc my hair?

I've been contemplating this because I have recently become tired of my doing my hair, and I also find myself disliking the majority of styles that I end up with. I think some of this is normal, in terms of being tired of your hair. However, there's one last thing I desire: EASY hair. I know my natural hair in free-strand form is WORK! However, I remember starting my locs two years ago, and comparatively speaking - it was easy! In fact, it really wasn't a lot of maintenance, and I would still have a lot of freedom in terms of styling.

Ok, you have heard my case, but I haven't made a final decision yet. I definitely want some input. What do you guys think? Should I loc my hair?


    I had locs for about 5 years and cut them off about 3 years ago. I wouldn't say they are easy to maintain especially if you get them retwisted (freeform may be different). I would suggest doing some protective styles that you can keep in for a few months at a time.

  2. Yes, lock your hair, especially since you've had them before. You know how low maintenance they are. They are versatile and you'll have a lot of choices in terms of styling. Good luck with your decision. Keep us posted.

  3. Well, I know you're going to make your own choice, but all I can say is that I remember reading some post back that your goal was to grow long hair in its freeform state, without locs. I feel like unless you're satisfied with meeting your hair goal now, to loc would be to admit defeat. I think if you decide to go back to locs, it should be for a stronger reason than being tired. I can't wait to see what you decide. Either way it's going to be fierce!

    p.s. You remind me so much of my new SIL who sports sisterlocks. So if you choose to loc, I can already imagine how they would look. Gorgeous!

  4. nooooo! we are "hair twins". i've been so impressed with your progress and looked forward to us (virtually) whipping out long strong natural hair back and forth together. but oh well, that's my problem. loc if you wanna. i had locs for 10 years and combed them out this year to get on a loose hair journey, so you can always go back to loose if you ever get sick of locs.

    that said, you should get locs if you WANT LOCS, not just because you need a hair break. locs are less work but they still are work.

  5. I say no only because you said you are tired of doing your hair. I feel you! Doing hair is hard work! I cheated and took a break from doing my hair and put a weave in it so that I wouldn't have to do it for a month. But it's back now and I don't feel so worn out. Locks seem permanent (if I have it right).

    It is your decision though. You are beautiful either way!

  6. It's funny that you say you don't like the styles you come up with cause I'm always looking at your pictures like "oooh, her hair is so cute" lol. The choice is up to you, maybe try some long term two strand twists and see how you feel about just leaving them once you've had them a while.

  7. Hey Everyone, I appreciate the comments, I really liked what Camille Acey said, which was "you should get locs if you WANT LOCS, not just because you need a hair break"

    I don't want locs, I just want a hair break, but since I'm not a weaver I'm not sure what options I have. I'll keep thinking. Thanks again for the feedback! I'll keep you posted if I decide to do anything drastic, lol.

  8. No. I think you should try other styles that "put the hair away", like cornrows and braids. If you can't do them yourself, get someone to do it for you as you learn. Sounds daunting but time is all you need, I also have kinky textured hair, about shoulder length and learned how to cornrow just last year. Give it a shot!

  9. I'd say go with your gut feeling. And also what was the reason for not continuing with your locs a few years ago....maybe the answer is there for you? ps.loving ya hair/styles. pps. Have you ever worn head wraps. Sure not an option for your job-but just something different at weekends. i often wear the knot style but Natural belle is rocking a great style and materials at the moment.
    Hope this helps a bit x