Short(er) Hair Styles

I realized this: lots of snow means no outfit pics, which means my "blog life" is difficult because I have to get creative with my posts ;-). Yesterday, while contemplating locking my hair looking through some old pictures, I came across these lovelies from June/July 2009 that never* made it to the blog. *Pic number 1 did make an appearance, but I'd bet money that most of you hadn't seen it!

Both the headband and clips are from Anthro. Although the headband is gone, Anthro always has some funky clips and other accessories for hair.

I think both styles are super cute and sassy. I was a devoted two-strand twister when I first combed out my locs. This was the only style I knew. I always created my twists on wet hair, so shrinkage was maximized. This reminds me what hair accessories can do for a style. Just thought I'd post this for those out there who might have shorter hair.

Here's to a wonderful weekend. I'm excited about it, I'm visiting several friends in NY. AND...I WILL take some pics while I'm there! I already have my outfit planned and it's going to be HOT, I didn't even feel the need to shop to put a nice look together! I also may have some hair surprises in the pics...either way - check for pics on Monday!!!


  1. very cute! love the short pics...! If you're coming to NYC...must visit my fav Anthro store in Rockefellar Plaza! I'm in there at least once a week...or even the one on Broadway & 18th(ish) is amazing!

    Have Fun!

  2. @Chai - I need to stay AWAY from Anthro b/c I cannot resist buying SOMETHING when I visit!!! LOL, I do love the store in Rockefellar Plaza though!

  3. You're going to be in NY? I hope to see you! Btw, did you decide to go through with the locs?

  4. @Erika- it's going to be a "drive by" trip, lol, but i'll def tell Linds to call you. I'm still debating the locs...tryin to decide what "look" I want with my hair for sure. Once I figure that out, I'll know whether or not to loc!