The rebirth of an outfit


Dress - ?? (hand me down); Blazer - J. Crew (hand me down); Tights - Anthro; Shoes - Anthro; Necklace - ??? (hand me down); Earrings - Urban; Watch - Gift (Fossil)

Date: Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Have you ever had a piece in your closet that you wore CONSTANTLY one season, and because of that, you don't wear it the following season? That's the story of this dress. I think I wore it the same way, once a week in 2008 and 2009, and I didn't wear it in 2010. I knew I wanted to wear something comfy and girly, and this dress was the perfect option. However, I wanted to make it new, so I asked myself, how will I do it?

I normally paired the dress with a coral-cardigan, brown tights and camel boots. This time, I went for the blazer because there are some brown tones in the dress. Then I thought, I can't wear boots, it will just ruin the girly look. So I thought, wouldn't it be great if I can wear it with my fave Anthro heels? Then I thought, but I'm mixing patterns, and the only way to link these two together is with tights that are a shared color in the dress and the shoes. Brown tights? Negative - lost them last year. Purple tights? Affirmative! And so this outfit was reborn!!! This is one of my favorite looks that I've put together thus far.


  1. Love IT!! I was trying to comment yesterday via my cell since I have a little cold bug. I really love the mixing of patterns and colors in this outfit. Now you have me anxious to wear my purple tights. Love IT!! My favorite so far!!

  2. @Mrs J. - Thank you!!! I was starting to wonder if this was an outfit FAILURE since I received zero comments. I re-assured myself that not everyone comments, it's still my favorite too.

  3. I love how you mix & match those patterns and colors. I'm not good at doing this, but I love how it works. Such fashion sense!

  4. I love how you pulled all the colors off. BRAVO! The more I visit fashion blogs, the more fashionable I'm inspired to be.