TAG...7 things from the Wonder Years

So...I've been really lazy this week, and I haven't taken ANY pictures. We got 4" of snow yesterday and the wind is ferocious. I don't feel like shoveling my car out, nor do I feel like posing. So here you have it, a 7 Things TAG post AKA a wonderful excuse to generate a post without any [real] work. HA!

Kendi and Elaine recently posted some pretty cool stories, and although we're not friends, I thought it would be nice to pretend we are and post some stories and pics from...The Wonder Years!

Pic of me at age 3 and lovely 16.

Grandma, DJ and me he's a newborn so I'm 12 in this pic, and it was probably bedtime, hence the scarf.

  1. My first kiss was in the second grade on the school bus by a boy named Michael Shackelford. Most other kids made fun of him because kids are mean, but I liked him. My best friend, Riayn, made me kiss him that day - she was very aggressive. He bought me chocolates for Valentines' Day and a card. PS - it was on the cheek.
  2. I was one of those kids who lost both of their front teeth at the same time, and then lost the ones next door at the same time. So I was either buck-tooth or toothless. My cousins (from this post) teased me about it.
  3. I've played basketball since the fourth grade. Back in the 90s, there weren't many female leagues just for girls, so I played in a lot of coed leagues. My dad wished I was a boy, and trained me to be very tough. Long story short, in one game, I passed the ball to a boy on my team, and made him cry.
  4. In real life, I'm a talker, and I've always been that way. When I was younger, my family would joke with me that if someone ever kidnapped me, they'd return me as soon as I opened my mouth.
  5. Even though I was a tomboy in high school, I was in a debutante cotillion in 11th grade.
  6. In high school, I participated in a couple of school plays in which I had the role of Grandma Tzeitel in Fiddler on the Roof, and Titania in Dream on Royal Street.
  7. My go-to shoes in HS: Addidas slip-ons with socks. I'd wear them throughout the fall and winter!
Bonus pic of me and my "hubby" from Dream on Royal Street (12th grade). PS - I was wearing a wig.

Anyone else who wants to join in on the fun and reveal some fun stories, please do. For now, I'm going to tag Libby, Marie and Jc!


  1. You keep me in stitches! I needed that today. Ahhh, just keepin it real.

  2. Oh no... I can't believe you have this pic Mo! Flag on the Play!!! LOL

  3. Thanks Libby and Jc!

    @The Ghetto Samurai - Had to do it Brian!!! LOL

  4. I can relate to #2 entirely, except that instead of my cousins, it was my 3 uncles who nicknamed me Queen Toothless.