Two Points

Sweater - Nordstrom ??? (c. 2004); Tank - Urban; Skirt - Anthro (borrowed); Boots - Cavenders; Earrings - Frank & Myrrh; Watch - Fossil (gift)

Date: Sunday, January 16, 2011

  1. Sunday was a day of errands. I like to be comfortable when I run errands. What's not more comfy and warm than a long maxi dress with a knit sweater and my handy cowgirl boots? I was preparing for today (MLK Day, 1/17/11) because I led the service event for my sorority chapter this year. We went out to a senior citizens home and sang songs, did some MLK trivia and talked with the residents. It was AWESOME!!!
  2. Not to totally switch subjects, but I must say this about maxi dresses/skirts in the winter. I usually love the idea of them, but find them hard to pull off myself. I take my hints of how to wear these items in the winter from Jessica. She's done a marvelous job with it time and time again. I feel like she is effortlessly chic too...thus, I want to be like her in this way. The end.


  1. I love, love, love this look. It's totally my style. Love the natural color palette.

    Yeah, for your community service projects. Sounds like lots of fun.

    Happy MLK Day. :-)

  2. seems like your hair is getting way to thick for your standard tuck and rolls missy! very exciting.

    i have been eyeing those frank and myrrh earrings for a while now and your are totally selling them!

  3. Happy MLK Day!!

    This look must be very popular because everyone is doing a outfit post or inspiration post on the maxi dress/skirt. I love it on you, especially those earrings!!

    ps. Check out Kansas Couture your outfits are very similar!! :)

  4. @ Camille Acey, girl who you tellin! The color was a little different than the website, but I do like them a lot! They really spice up an outfit.

    Thanks Libby and Mrs. J