New Years' Post...Finally

Top - Free People; Shorts - Anthro; Jacket - Borrowed from mom circa 1980s; Tights - Hue; Shoes - Boutique 9 via Anthro; Earrings - Anthro

Date: Friday, December 31, 2010

Oooh...I'm so trife for posting this on January 4, 2011. LOL, oh well, I really did wear this outfit, and I loved it! My New Years' was spent with family. We went over to my dad's frat brother's house and had chicken and waffles with some of their friends. We toasted to 2011, and I was asleep by 1 am. I'm not much of a partier, so this was a great New Years' for me!


  1. Oooh, chicken and waffles! Yum. :-)

    You know how to get your holiday sparkle on! Love your hair too. Is it highlighted or is that just light reflected? Very cute style.

    p.s. I had been so excited last month because the back of my hair finally reached my shoulders when stretched. But the ends were so split that I had to get it cut. I was very sad about that, but I started the challenge and am being very optimistic and more particular about my ends. I'm going to document it here:

  2. It's okay, your Fabulous outfit makes up for the late post. :) I'm really jealous I have yet to tackle the shorts and tights look. Your twist are looking WONDERFUL!!

    ps. Have you made a decision on the to loc or not to loc question??

  3. I second Mrs. J's compliments! She knows what's going on.

  4. @ Libby -thanks! My hair isn't highlighted, lol - it's the sun. I thought the same thing when I saw the pics!!! I'm definitely going to follow your HHC, I was thinking abt joining, but I'm so unmotivated abt hair, I'm sitting this one out.

    @ Mrs. J - thanks, you can totally do shorts w/ tights, like Nike - just do it! I'm going to hold off on locs for now ;-)