Outfit of the Day: 2 Seasons

Top - Anthro; Blazer - Anthro; Leggings - Splendid via Nordstrom; Boots - Michael Kors via Hand me down; Necklace - Gift via Etsy (Brilliance Found); Earrings - Anthro; Ring - Etsy (Muffin Top Designs) Glasses - Urban; Hair - Tuck & Roll w/ Bangs

Date: Tuesday, September 28

The weather in Philly has been straight up wonky.  We have been experiencing 2 distinct seasons in one day for the past week!  On Tuesday, the day started off with torrential down pours (rain boots) with temperatures in the 60s.  As the day progressed, it warmed up to the 80s, leading to humidity and mugginess.   Similar to the weather changing up, bf decided he didn't like the original location for pics, so we moved (honestly it's the same location just across the street so it looks totally different).  It was a tough day to figure out what to wear, so my fake-model game was really thrown off.  The nerd glasses helped cover this fact, no they're not prescription.

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  1. Seriously your photographer is on point! Love the zoomed in pic!!