Reflections and ultimatums

This picture is from August 2008, right after my big chop, so much has changed in my life since then!

When I moved to Philadelphia, I was excited for what the adult life would bring me. In moving here, I found out a lot about myself. I learned to appreciate me for my triumphs and failures, strengths and flaws and more importantly my outer and inner beauty.  I don't want to get any more sappy on you, so I'll cut to the chase.

I have been building my wardrobe since I graduated in 2008. My college wardrobe was limited, which is fine, because I was in college to get an education - not to be fashionable. I have been shopping for clothes because I really did NEED basic items - jeans, tights, tops, etc. Sometime between then and now, I have realized that I really have a working wardrobe, yet I have continued to shop. So I am posting this ultimatum today: I am not going to shop* - period - until MARCH 2011!!!

*Shopping includes all retail purchases not limited to: clothes, shoes and accessories. I do need a pair of winter boots, and that will be the ONLY purchase I allow - period. Only one pair, and I already know which ones I want.

FYI, I have thought about writing this post for the past....mmm...6 months. Some people may actually identify me as a shopaholic. Some people being bf, lol. I don't think it's that serious - I mean, I love to shop, but I do not put myself in debt for clothes. However, I may use potential saving money for shopping, which is just as counterproductive.

My friend Marie aka Mrs. J from Watch Me Dress is featuring a series called "Shopping My Stash". She has re-inspired me to really committ to making my curent wardrobe work for me. After watching "Black in America: Almighty Debt" and evaluating some of my life goals - hello grad school? - I realized that I need to make a change for my future. So, I'll be shopping my stash through March 2011. I am writing this to document my committment. Pray for me ya'll!!!

BTW, if any other shopaholics, or others want to join me in this 5-month stint, please join me and let me know - we can motivate each other to resist glorious sale racks, beautiful silks, pristine heels and other items that we "need".


  1. I'm so PROUD of you!! I'll join you for the 5-month stint!! :-)

  2. More power to you! I'm definitely not a "shop-a-holic" as you described, but I do love my yarns. I realized one day that I had so many skeins of yarn that it was quite sinful. I put myself on a 6-month yarn diet from last December to this past June, and I made it! What has happened as a result is this: although I'm no longer on that diet, I now have the strength to say no! It's almost been six more months since the diet ended and I can count on one hand how many new yarns I've purchased. In fact during this time, I've been documenting how many projects I can make out of what I have, and that in itself has been and continues to be a fun experience.

    You can do it!!!!

  3. did you see this during the summer on the NY Times website?

    Good luck!

    - Bethany

  4. yay! It will be good to have someone else in this journey w/ me!

  5. Sounds like a good challenge! I am the exact opposite of you at the moment. I have been working for home for the last almost four years and I'm trying to go out into the job market in the spring and I have almost NO work clothes. So I am really having to stock up. Your picture posts have given me some goof inspiration. Looking forward to seeing you shop your closet! :)

  6. God, so embarrassing! I mean to say:

    "I have been working FROM home"

    and that

    "your posts have given me some GOOD inspiration"

    i shouldn't post blog comments until i'm certain that i'm wide awake!

  7. @ Bethany - haven't seen the link, thanks for sharing, I actually bought an AWESOME cape from H&M for $20 a couple weeks ago.

    @ Camille Acey - LOL! I knew what you meant :)

  8. I am a shopper, and actually I am comfortable with that. There are definitely times when I could "afford" to say no, and I am learning how to do that, but my personal challenge has been to PURGE clothing and accessories. I worked for the Gap for 13 years and in that time accumulated tons of clothes form Gap and BR, however in the past 6-9 months have made 3 trips to the mission with clothes, shoes, purses, etc. some things I have NEVER worn in at least 2 years some items as many as 4. I shop well and although a dress may only cost me $20 if I don't wear it I have to learn 1.DON"T BUY IT TO BEGIN WITH :o), but 2. pass it on to someone who will appreciate it. 6 trashbags full of clothing and I don't even miss or remember what I got rid of, and I feel so much better because of it.

    @ Libby I went on a yarn hiatus about a year ago, and challenged myself that I wasn't going to buy yarn for projects, but rather find projects to knit with the yarn I've got....Only exception is Gifts like baby blankets/ Xmas presents that may REQUIRE certain weights, colors etc, but even then I still go to stash FIRST....then shop as a last resort. Haven't shopped for yarn in over a year, but still have lots of books/ magazines/ printed patterns to sort through to use what I already have.

  9. not sure what happened... i must have given you the wrong link - oops! try this one:

    it's a bit more relevant

    - bethany

  10. @ Bethany - LOL, this one was a bit more relevant - super interesting...thanks for sharing. This is my first "diet" of any kind, and to think I'm going on a shopping diet - I never would have will be hard, but I think I can do it...;/

  11. i can't believe it!!! i would die. literally lol. but good luck mo. i know you'll be successful :)


  12. I'm loving this challenge! I am on my second iteration and have really gotten great at being creative with my wardrobe.

    I struggled the first 30 days but have really gotten the hang of this.

    I was inspired by your 'hand me downs' and am thinking about having a wardrobe swapping party with some friends who are the same size.



  13. @ Patrice - Thank you! This was a fun challenge, however I'm not participating this Winter 2011 round! Your wardrobe swap party sounds like fun - do it girl!!!