Washing & detangling hair video

The title explains it all. I know most of the people who follow my blog probably have this down to a tee, however, it may be helpful for random stopper-byers or other natural newbies - enjoy! Also, I do enjoy seeing how other people detangle their hair...I know, I'm a total hair nerd.


  1. I love this video tutorial! Very informative. Now my question to you is this: After you wash, do you begin stretching your hair in your first "after washing" hairstyle? If so, what are you doing? Braiding in sections? Banding? Etc? In many of your hairstyle tutorials you'll mention doing that style on stretched hair, so I was wondering just how much stretching you have to do before you try those styles.

    My hair isn't at your length but for me my hair shrinks to my scalp like a TWA no matter how much it's grown over the year, so I'm looking at different options during this fall/winter season.

    Thanks for reading this long comment!

  2. Hey Libby,

    Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! I braid my hair into 10 braids (I just braid the twisted sections) and add a moisturizer to it (shea + castor oil) before I braid.I let it air dry overnight and my hair is stretched and detangled in the morning - ready to style! I did make a video for that too showing how I stretch and style but haven't gotten around to posting it yet!

  3. Thanks! I'm looking forward to a different moisturizing/sealing regimen this season. My hair sucks up oil and moisture like there's no tomorrow. I can see it's already starting. Looking forward to your other videos when you get a chance.