Keep 'Em Coming...Protective with a Twist

Hello Everyone!

I had to post some pictures from this half-protective style I rocked this past weekend at a networking event and at my sorority meeting.  I got compliments from friends and sorors on the hairstyle.  NOTE: I always take a hairstyle as being "really cute" when my sorors compliment me on it since the majority of them are relaxed.  Thus, I figure "I must have really done it!" LOL

The style is an oldie-but-goodie remix.  The style was done on twist-out hair.  The back has my usual kimmaytube inspired twist & roll back.  This time, instead of including the front of my hair in the roll back or bumping it, I just left it out for bangs.  Here are the pics...

I got the headband in the style from my favorite store (Anthropologie).  The addition of the headband really jazzed up the style.  The plus to the style is that it works on a variety of lengths also and it's protective!  Try it and I know you'll love it! Click here for a link to the original video post from kimmaytube's youTube channel.

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