Home stretch

2010 is ALMOST OVER...ok, we have 3 months left, but still, it feels like time has flown by! Kimmaytube showcased her quarter-way progress in a video last week. That video inspired me to do some length checking of my own :)

    July 2010                                            October 2010*
*One comment about the October pic, I'm starting a new thing to moisturize my scalp  after a wash now by oiling it and CLEARLY it dripped all over my face in the second pic, LOL! BTW - pics were taken with my camera phone.

I'm not mad about it!  Seeing this bit of growth led me to reinforce some of my original goals for the final home stretch!

Hair-Related Goals
Goal #1: Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. In July, I stated that I was going to moisturize daily. Have I been doing this? NO. I have a tough time with this because I do all the work required to stretch my hair, and to add water to it totally destroys all of the stretch work. Moving forward, I will try to moisturize with butter/oil mixes and a *light* mist of water.
Goal #2: Wear protective styles. I've done a pretty good job with this one. However, I'm starting to wonder: Are all protective styles created equal? Last week, I wore a tuck & roll for 2 days and my hair felt SO EXTREMELY moisturized - I thought I was dealing with someone else's hair. Because of this, I wonder if certain protective styles keep moisture locked in better than others, more on this later.

FYI, I haven't seen as many fairy knots this go around...not sure why, but I'll take it!

Non-hair goals that are VERY necessary for me to document
Goal #3: Stay active and join a gym. It's getting cold outside, and I know I'm not going to run when it's 40 degrees and pitch black. I do start a basketball league on Thursday - YAY - which guarantees one good workout/week. However, one workout a week is not enough by my standards, so I need to pay up.
Goal #4: Call a friend. I talked with a college friend of mine this weekend and I LOVED IT. I'm bad at remembering to call people (yes, I'm REALLY bad with this kind of stuff), however I hate excuses so I'm just leaving it as it is.

I don't know about you, but...I see the light!


  1. Yay! Your hair is growing so much. I think you will make all your hair goals and other ones too. About the calling a friend: I like to do this, but sometimes I miss people, so I literally scroll through my phone contacts and start calling, especially on long road trips.

    * I'll let you know about the gloves after I finish up some current projects. Thanks for the interest. I actually have both colors already. :-)

  2. @ Libby - YES! I wasn't sure if you got my comment about the gloves, I really LOVED them! Keep me posted!

  3. Good for you! Grow it long girl! My hair does NOT grow at all. I've been at this same length for what seems like years!! I might have to borrow your routine! :)

  4. My hair has been thriving with a regimen similar to yours. I've seen some good length retention since I been wearing pinned updos as a protective style.

    I don't think I'll ever moisturize daily (besides a spritz)--Using conditioner as a leave in and sealing on a weekly basis is enough for me.

  5. Efe - glad to hear that! I'm realizing that moisturizing every day isn't necessary if I use the right products after my weekly wash too!