Outfit of the Day: Black, white & gray V. Zebra

Top - Anthro; Skirt - Anthro (2008); Tights - Target; Boots - Thrifted via Franklin Square Design; Jacket - H&M (2009); Belt - Sample; Earrings - Anthro; Necklace - Anthro; Hair - Braided Mohawk

Date: Sunday, October 24

I was debating whether to title this outfit "Black, white & gray" or "Zebra". In the end, I am leaving both titles to address their relevancy.

"Black white & gray": This title is pretty obvious due to the color scheme in my outfit. I'm sticking to a palette that I love and mixing things up with prints and texture. Additionally, I LOVE this venue due to the mural. The diverse faces with the word "TOGETHER" show an awesome unity amongst different races. NOW, you should see the "black, white & gray" tie in...wink, wink.

"Zebra": I felt like I looked like a zebra in this outfit. My hair totally looked like a zebra's mane and I was wearing a black and white striped top. I should have worn this on Halloween and perhaps someone else would have seen the zebra tie-in? Then again, maybe not.

I promise that this will be the last time I post two separate titles, lol. I just couldn't help myself for this one because I felt so passionate about both of them.


  1. Great look and can I say I love the new hairstyle you've been rocking. Also that jacket is great I've always wanted a tan trench coat. BTW: How is the 5 month stint going so far? :-)

  2. @ Mrs. J - Thanks! I was SO HAPPY to find this coat last year since all the others I saw were $50+! I have not purchased anything thus far. Today, I thought to myself..."I could really use some other colored stretch pants" but then I said - "NO Monique, just make whatever look you desire work with what you have!"

    I think I'll be ok, it will be hardest when I go into stores and have to resist great prices...

  3. I have that same jacket in Khaki. Its such a nice jacket. Your hair is so nice! I like your style :-)

  4. Girl, where'd all that hair come from?! :)

  5. Nice stylin, definitely liking the coat!

  6. Lady, your hair is killing in this photo. Absolutely beautiful.