Outfit of the Day: Silk - friend or foe?

Top - Lux Hand Me Down; Skirt - Anthro; Blazer - Banana Republic; Tights - Urban; Shoes - Urban; Earrings - Anthro; Watch Ring - Anthro; Hair - Afro w/ Front Hump

Date: Sunday, October 3

I have a bit of a rant to accompany this outfit.  It begins like this...I had an Open House event to attend for a mentoring group for young high school ladies on Sunday (I am the co-chair of the group).  I knew I wanted to be professional and fly. So, I picked out my outfit 1 week before the event...excited to "LAY IT OUT" on Sunday.

Sunday came...I showered, lotioned, put on my tights and the silk dress I planned on wearing, a cardie, belt and jewelry.  I check myself in the mirror - love the look thus far.  Go to the bathroom, apply makeup, go back out to the mirror to check the finished look and low and behold a glorious oil stain on the CENTER of the dress. It was about 1"x1".  Immediately, I become furious because 1. I'm running late, 2. I still want to take pics for an outfit post, 3. I have no idea what to wear now and 4. I hate effin' silk!!!

I quickly took the cardie, jewelry and dress off - leaving the tights on because it takes too much time to change tights.  I look to my closet to find something to work with the tights - I find the green skirt...look for a top, the Lux one looked like it might work.  Since the top has black highlights, my black booties were an easy go-to and this blazer was the only option for a jacket with the other colors/patterns in the outfit. Surprisingly it all worked.

I put this outfit together in about 2 minutes - literally.  I'm surprised what thinking on the spot did for me on Sunday.  In my usual outfit planning sessions, I would have NEVER put these items together. This just proves that mistakes can turn out to be great triumphs in the end! As my day began silk was my foe, but turned out to be my friend.  BTW - a little detergent and water worked the stain out, so I will have another chance to wear the original dress!


  1. The outfit is totally you and you look great in it, but more importantly, you look GORGEOUS in these pictures. Like, absolutely amazing. Skin, hair, pose, everything. So pretty!

  2. I ADORE THIS OUTFIT AND YOUR HAIR!!!! yess...i belive i was YELLING (in my head at least??! lol)...seriously...Love it! And i've also "happened" upon the greatest little creations when i was in a rsuh & just "didn't care enough" anymore! those turn out to be the most put together outties of them all...when you don't try...at all! lol...

    did i say i LOVE this outty??!
    ok...just checking :)

  3. CUTE! And I adore that ring. BTW, your boyfriend's doing an AWESOME job with these high fashion shoots! :)

  4. Your skin is gorgeous! I love the watch ring thing. Oh and oil stains get out pretty well with some dishwashing liquid too (harsh but effective - just incase the detergent doesn't work in another situation)

  5. I do love this look too. What also amazes me is how you transform yourself with each new hairstyle and outfit. Very versatile!

  6. I love the whole look, especially the fact that you mixed 2 separate prints together. I must have those lovely booties!! :-)

  7. I love your outfit, hair and the especially the clock ring. I think I have some clockface buttons... *runs of to make a ring*