Throw Back - 70's SOUL

You guys thought I was going to put up a picture from the 70's didn't you? lol I was browsing through pics on my computer reminiscing and I came across this lovely pic. I said 70's because of the earrings/accessories/sweater dress. This pic is from December 2009, I went out for my cousin's birthday (she's to my left with the blunt bangs - super cute, right?) for a lovely dinner with friends and family. Anyway, I just thought I would share this pic as I remember getting a lot of compliments on this style.

I created two thick parts for cornrows in the front, added a side part so that the cornrows are braided towards one side and the back is out in afro form. This pic will take the place of my personal hair update this week as I've kept it pretty bland (braids = boring)!

Bonus pic of me and bf from the event - there were a lot of couples there too :)


  1. great style and nice to see your "photographer" in front of the camera. you guys make a lovely couple!

  2. @ Camille Acey - thanks...that's my booski! <3 him!