Length Check & Mid-Year Goals

So....I passed my 6-month mark a couple of weeks ago.  Check out my post from January 2010 to see my original 2010 Hair Goals.  Here are some pictures to show you how far I've come.

                                        January 2010                         June 2010

The difference in hair length from the January and June pictures is about 2.5".  This is great for me to see, because I definitely felt like nothing was happening.  *In reality, I knew it was getting longer because I was able to do new styles that I couldn't do before solely based on length (I.e. buns).*  My hair is growing about 0.41"/month.  Hair grows an average of 0.5"/month.  I also dusted/trimmed my ends randomly twice over time, so it grew more than this, but I take it as an acceptable growth rate.  I was trying out Kinky Curly *SMH* in the June picture, that's the product on my hair.  It obviously didn't work for my hair...I'm just sticking to my non-defined coils moving forward.

I've learned a lot over the past 6 months - this was really the first time I had a CLUE, lol.  I've come to some conclusions to help me form some mid-year goals, which will hopefully make my next length check even more successful.

Goal 1: Create and implement a steady moisturizing routine. I believe I will be approaching my hair's breakpoint soon.  I will proactively prepare for this by changing my moisturizing routine to a more steady  one.  I've been using kimmaytube's leave-in for the past month.  It's looking like it may be icing on the cake, I'll post more about this later.

Goal 2: Regulate trimming.  I've learned a lot about trimming over the past 6 months, I will now trim at the 3-month or 6-month point ONLY, unless I see something alarming.  My thought process here is that I have a regular routine where I have seen my hair grow.  If I continue this, I shouldn't generate split ends.

Goal 3: Embrace fairy knots. You are reading that correctly, I am embracing my knots!  Curly hair has a natural tendency to knot.  I have been so bothered/preoccupied with this, I'm just going to leave them alone over the next 6 months.  After all, when I do the "search and destroy" trim method, I only cut the knots in the front.

Goal 4: Maintain protective styling.  I did mostly protective styling over the past 6 months, this will be essential to maintain my length as my hair continues to grow.

Those are my goals...what do you think?  Have you made any mid-year goals?  Have you experienced recent growth?  Share your sucesses or opportunities for improvements :-)!

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  1. I like that phrase "fairy knots". Heh! It reminds me of something nice -- like a fairy godmother visiting. Next time I get a knot on my kinky/curly head, I'm going to say that phrase over and over again, and not panic!