Here's another FAB Style

Friends, I am on a roll with cute styles!  I took down my mini-twists on Friday, I kept them in for a little under two weeks. *My hair is SCREAMING for a DC!!!*  I was looking for a style for the twist-out since I didn't like how the twist-out was laying "out."  I came across a FABULOUS style from chisellecouture's youTube page.  Here are the pics...

Those of you who look at Cali's youTube channel know that my hair is at least half the length of hers, yet the style still worked.  While her hair was actually tucked in, mine appears to be tucked in in the top bun/poof.  Fact is - it worked!  The style looked just as cute without a hair accessory too - I will DEFINITELY do this style again!

Here's a tutorial from cali:

Click here for the original video post.
Click here for the chisellecouture youTube page.

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