Style Trials: French Braid Throw Back

I was browsing through my phone for pictures and came across a throwback that I never got around to posting pics for.  This style was inspired by style icon, Eniola, featured on BGLH.  Essentially, the style is a side-french braid.  Here are the pics...


Remember, this is a throw-back from November, so I don't know specifics on what my hair was like before I did this style, however I can imagine I did this style on stretched OR blown-out hair.  It was most-likely stretched since I can count on one hand the number of times I've blown my own hair out.  I pinned the "hang-time" up with a bobby pin.

This style was super cute...I wish I took more pics!


  1. i like this :-)
    I want to try it on my hair...u think itll work on relaxed hair? Well I cant really braid that well either...sigh lol

  2. So cute & fresh!!!

  3. Thanks ladies!

    @ Ashley - lol @ you wanting to try it but not knowing how the braid. I def. think it will work on straight hair - I get most of my french braid ideas from straight-haired women. Try it & let me know how it works!

  4. Aaaah!! I love this!!! How'd you do it?!?

  5. @ Rachel B. - Thanks! I did this style on stretched hair, I started the braid in the middle of my head parallel to my forehead, then starting braiding back and towards one side shortly after. It's sort of a side french braid, it's probably more of a cornrow since french braids typically don't "stand up." I hope that makes sense :-/