Hair & Acceptance

I want to discuss hair acceptance again for several reasons. 
  1. I think I'm finally at a point where I love and appreciate my hair for what it is -in Madea voice, "HALLELUYER!"
  2. I have lots of natural friends who express issues with hair acceptance - it is a struggle for many of us
  3. Recent post on BGLH about curl definition on 4b hair
For some time, I wanted to achieve CURL definition when it was just unrealistic for my hair.  I would try product after product and 3 hours later my hair would be curly for one day, MAYBE.  I would look crazy the next day!  I know many of us who look at pictures on FB/Fotki/blogs of natural women and think...I want my hair to look "EXACTLY LIKE THAT!" The unfortunate reality is that our hair can't always look "LIKE THAT."

THINK ABOUT IT: Individual hair strands on our own heads have varying diameters.  Some people have strands with larger diameters than others.  We all know that some have more individual hair strands on their heads.  We all also have differing curl patterns ranging from s-curls to tiny coils to waves to undescribeable patterns.  This being said, it's no wonder that our hair may not look "EXACTLY LIKE THAT."

As we go through our natural hair journey, we are likely to run into a variety of frustrations.  One of my main frustrations came in expecting my hair to do things it just isn't meant to do well.  For example, wash-n-go's, or detangling my hair while its dry (OUCH!).  I've come to accept my hair for what it is....big, thick, and beautiful (CAN I GET A WORK!).

Ask yourself the question...have you truly come to grips with your hair and accepted it for what it is?


  1. This is a nice post (halleluyer lol).

  2. Hi! I just started reading your blog and I love it. I read the same post on BGLH (how I found you) and I totally agree. I have 4b hair and look for COIL definition v. curl definition.

  3. @ Jc - thanks

    @ Savannah - thanks :) Glad you like it!

  4. WORD! And thanks for answering my question over @ bglh!