Mini-Twist Up-Do

My twists are now one week old and they look GREAT!  My scalp also feels fine - it's not itchy at all!  I've been applying Coconut Oil to the twists and my scalp on a 2-3 day basis. I did an up-do today that has a front hump with an old school french roll in the back.  I like it. Pics are below.

Side 1

Other Side


Front *Sorry it's blurry, it still shows the general style

This style was great for my twists, although I don't always love the spacing that twisted humps provide (see front pic), however this style would work equally well on stretched/curly/kinky hair.

Tutorial: Section off a portion in the front for the front-hump.  Gather the sides of the hair toward the middle of your head into a large twist and use a large comb similar to the one in the pic below (without all the frills) to pin hair back in a french roll type of style.

*The clip worked SO WELL, normally I use 100 bobby pins to hold the hair in place.*  Use bobby pins and hair pins on the sides and at the top of the roll to pin the rest of the hair in place.  Gather hair from the front and pin back with a bobby pin or clip.

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