It's Been a While, But I'm Back!

Hello Everyone!

I've been missing blogging.  I've been away for a sorority conference, and last weekend it was my brother's birthday, so I relaxed with my family.  I've also been enjoying the lovely warm weather the East Coast has been getting.  Needless to say, I've been chilling and loving every bit of it!

Every year, for sorority conference, we  have a fancy gala where we dress up.  I wore a dress I got from Anthropologie along with a gorgeous broach that I also got from Anthro.  The style was a typical back french roll pin with a front side hump.


Sorry the pics are a little blurry, I always take pics with my camera phone and these were taken at the hotel - venue change/lighting change yields different picture outcomes.  I LOVE putting broaches, flowers, etc. in my hair.  This look reminds me of Billie Holiday because she always wore something in her hair.  SIMPLY CLASSIC! 

For a preview of what's to come...warm letting my hair do what it wants and moisture challenges...Peace.


  1. Lovely, your hair is growing :o) I am currently seeking a better detangling method to use during washing (in my winnie the pooh...think think think) For the first time I was a little worried with the amount of hair I lost when I washed/ combed this weekend. In theory I understand that between curls & twists I hadn't "combed my hair" in about 2 weeks, so 2 weeks of shedding from combing might appear to be alot, but I know I can do better, and lose less. What is your experience with this?

  2. @ jhenny53 - I lose a small handful, probably about 1/4 cup of hair total after detangling/washing my hair. I know sometimes is seems like a lot to lose, but I remind myself that shedding is natural. I aim to get rid of MOSTLY shed hairs with careful detangling. Especially if your hair was in twists, expect more to drop b/c it had nowhere to go in the twists!