3-Strand Twists

If you're reading this post, you may be thinking...3-strand twists...??? Is that a typo?  No, it is not, there is a 3-strand twist style.  I discovered the style during my normal perusing of youTube and natural hair blogs.  I tried the style myself.  There is a difference between the 2-strand and the 3-strand.  I think the 3-strand twists are fatter and they have more spirals to them...see pics below.

You all know how bad I am with tutorials, so I found a tutorial for the style from youTuber chisellecouture.  See the video below.

Here is a link back to the original video.
Here is a link to chisellecouture's channel.

My bottom line for this style...I will like it more when my hair is longer.  It took me longer to do this style and I thought it would help lengthen my twists, but it didn't.  This twist-style may be a good option for women with thin hair as it does make your twists thicker.


  1. These are cute. I like how you keep exploring new styles. Keep 'em coming! Lovely.