BYW: Staples are NECESSARY!!!

Continuing with the Build Your Wardrobe series, I'm now on to Tip #3: Buy wardrobe staples.  When you're first building your wardrobe, it's easy to want the cute bright sequined mini-dress, or those blue-suede booties.  However, if you're just starting to get your wardrobe together, it's MOST important that you get staples before the "one-of-a-kinds."  Also, the onsies stand out so much that you typically space out your "showcasing" of these glorious pieces.

These are some of my staple shoes: Black Ballet Flats, Metallic Sandals, Camel-brown Knee boots, Black Booties, Black Pumps, Black Knee Boots, Chocolate-brown Knee boots, Black Oxfords

I listed the shoes in the order in which I purchased them.  I wore my camel-brown boots ALL of Winter 2008.  I DOGGED those shoes ya'll!!!  This winter, I got a pair of vintage black knee boots from my cousin (for free ;) ) and bought some chocolate brown boots...I had to pace my purchasing as I am BUILDING!

I recently purchase THE CUTEST black pumps by Seychelles at Anthropologie.

I made sure to get these once I had my traditonal black pump, although I find that these go with almost everything my traditional pump would go with!  They're super comfy and they were $90.00.  They also come in grey w/ a splash of mustard (instead of purple).

My point in saying all of this want to make sure you have some basics that you can wear with anything and everything before you get the TRUE onsies that are only showcased occasionally.

Staple ideas *will be based on style*: Dark Wash Jeans (whatever cut is best for you), Oversized White Blouse, Black Stretch Pants, Plain Tees, Black Dress, Black Pencil Skirt, High-waist name a few

Tip #3: Buy wardrobe staples

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