Style Trials: Mini-Twists

I saw some DOPE mini-twists on a blog that I follow called Naturally Obsessed, I was so amazed at the beauty of these twists that I decided to try them myself!  These twists took me a little over 4 hours and I started getting tired at the end and thus made some twists bigger than they should have been.  Here are some pics...

I put the twists up with a banana clip, as I don't like how my hair falls when it's all just doesn't look right to me.

They remind me of sister locks...I did these twists on stretched hair because I wanted them to have the most length possible.  I hope to keep these in for 2 weeks*...MAYBE longer, but I doubt it as I get style itches pretty easily.  I'll keep posting various styles that I am able to do with the twists as I go.

*I don't plan to wash my hair while the twists are in simply to preserve the style


  1. Your hair is FIERCE!!! Defintely see some growth sis...rock it hun!!!!

  2. @ EMF, thanks!!! That means A LOT for me :)

  3. Oh I'm loving this style on you! Yes, these twists remind me of sister locs. You give me style goals. Thank you so much!!!

  4. I would not recommend keeping them in for two weeks, even though after all the work you put in I know it's hard not to. I did mini-twists in the beginning of January and left them in for two weeks and my hair was A MESS to detangle. I was in the shower foreeeeeever and I lost so much hair, way more than two weeks worth of shedding. Anywho, they look fab though!

  5. Man! u are good, like seriously! It's great how neat and nice you can do your OWN hair! I'm so jealous! Even if I could twist my hair, I'm UNCERTAIN about how neat it would look. You always do such a FAB job!!! I LOVVVVVEEEE these!

  6. @ Libby - thanks :)

    @ Sam, I can already tell the detangling will not be fun, however I've been detangling my hair w/ oil recently and it helps A LOT. I also oil it every day and separate the twists. I'll let you know how it goes, hopefully not too bad.

    @ Amma Mama, Thanks! I'm sure you can do it too...just take your time and twist from the root