Soul Sista...Power to the People!

Whenever I rock my unaltered afro (I.e. natural coil/kink shape, no twist/braid-outs), my bf seems to go into this mode where he constantly calls me "Soul Sista."  It's as if he feels we're in the 70's...the conversation will go something like this:

He sees me and says, "What's up my sooooul sista, my beautiful black queen, my nubian princess?"
Me: "{Laughing} You're silly"
Him: "Do me a favor and put your hand up like THIS [makes black power sign]"
Me: Still laughing
Him: "You are a SOOOUL sista!"

I just think it's funny that some type of convo like this happens between me and him when I wear my fro.  It makes me laugh. 

This post is for my ladies and fellas rockin those unaltered fros, "What's up my SOUL SISTAS and BROTHAS?" :-P

*I did have the fro clipped up on one side in the pic to give me "bangs"

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