My Staple Style

As you all know, I LOVE ME SOME TWO-STRAND TWISTS!  I have come up with my staple two-strand twist style.  If I don't find any new style to try, I go to this style.  It features bangs and a twist up around the sides of my head.  I know...I'm not good at explaining things with words. that's why it's great that a picture says 1,000 words!

**Pics are from 4-day old twists
I rock this to work, on the weekends, everywhere.  It's cute enough to rock out at the club, yet still protective!  This style is also VERY EASY...if you know how to twist, you should be able to do it.  To get the bangs, just be sure to twist the hair towards the front.  Give yourself 3-4 rows of twists for bangs for the size of twist that I do.

For the back twist up, it's the same style as my bun twist referenced here, except this time you're doing it on twisted hair.  It's a quasi flat twist/roll effect.

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