Over the knee SATISFACTION!!!

I've been ranting and raving for my NEED for an "Over the Knee" boot for quite some time.  I'm happy to say that I've managed to find one, and for under $100!  YES!

I purchased them from Urban Outfitters, by UO designer Kimchi Blue, they are $98.00 and available in black, grey and cream.  To see all the pics, in all their glory, go to this link here.

Here are a couple of pics...

In the last pic, you can see that the heel is suede also!  I purchased them in cream - DARING, I know. However, they aren't every day boots for me - they're for special occasions, which require door-to-door traveling. Thus, I think I'll be fine with the color

My Personal Review: They are very comfortable, fit my legs (which are skinny) but I believe they will fit a thicker leg too - they're not tight on me. For the foot of the shoe, fit true to size, nice width also - not too narrow. I do have to pull them up a bit when I wear them over my knee...but I think that's because my legs don't hold them up alone.

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