Happy Holidays & Winter Hair Challenges

Happy Holidays everyone!  I hope you all will excuse my hiatus, I was away from the computer, spending time with my family and LOVING IT! I hope you all had a great time as well.

As for my hair...rolling eyes...I love style experimentation and all the different questions/compliments that I get when I wear my natural hair.  HOWEVER, keeping it REAL REAL, the ish is a LOT of work! I just want to not have to do my hair, AND not pay anyone else to do it, lol.  Thus, I'm considering getting the Senegalese twists (with extensions). I think the twists will give me a well-deserved break AND are still a protective style. However, I want to put them in myself, but I've already tried a couple of twists, and it is not hittin' :(.

Hopefully I'll get some style inspiration for my own free-strand hair searching youTube.  Who knows, maybe I'll actually try the Curlformers since I'm on vakay next week.  I should have some good photos soon b/c you know my  hair needs to set it OFF on NYE!!!

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