Oyin Handmade...I FINALLY got on it

Hello Lovelies!

My cousin and other 4bers on the Wonderful World Wide Web *I love alliteration* have been ranting and raving about products from a black-owned company called Oyin Handmade.  Ladies & gents, I finally got on it and visited their store in Baltimore the last time I went home.  They were so friendly at the store, I felt at home!

I picked up the following products: Whipped Shea Butter, Shine & Define and Frank's Juice.  Of course I love the Shea butter, it's soft and supple unlike the raw shea butter I normally use.  The Shine & Define lays my curly edges down well.  It has a light scent and made my twists soft and added a little shine.  Finally, Frank's Juice gives my twist-outs the "pick-me-up" they've been so desparately longing for.

Overall, I'm very satisfied with the products.  If you are transitioning and searching for products, I haven't heard any poor reviews about Oyin or Aubrey's Organic hair products on 4a/4b hair.  Plus, my hair clearly likes both of them a lot.  One product I feel the need to really RAVE about is...Aubrey's Honeysuckle Rose Moisturizing Conditioner for deep conditioning - it's FABULOUS, my hair LOVES this stuff!!!  It leaves my hair feeling soft as a baby's butt...NO, UGG fur...NO, a winter throw...SIGH, you get the idea ;)***

***DISCLAIMER: Though these products do *magic* on my hair, they  may not yield the same results for you.  Try a sample of the products first or buy them at a place that welcomes returns for things that don't work out well so you don't waste your $$$$.  Whole Foods, though expensive, welcomes returns.

Moni Mo


  1. I'm so jealous of you going to the store. I've only ordered online. From one Monique to another, next time you go to Oyin you have to try the honey hemp conditioner. That is my favorite Oyin product by faaaar.

  2. @Moni(que) :) - My cousin also raved about the Honey Hemp...I may try it next time I stop by!