Holiday Cheer & Bantu Knot Out

**Update** I uploaded the pics again, so they should show up this time, sorry about that :(
I got invited to a lot of Holiday parties this weekend.  Although I'm not into wearing sweaters with reindeer and blinking lights, I do LOVE to be FESTIVE!!!  I found this FABULOUS headband at Anthropologie, it reminds me of a "Winter Wonderland."  Unforch, it looks like they're not selling it online, or they sold out.  I bought it at the Philly store.  I wore it on one of my pinned styles on twist-out hair.  Here are the pics.

On ANOTHER NOTE...I FINALLY got the willpower to try a Bantu knot-out.  Unforch, I did not experience the best results.  I think I needed to do smaller knots.  Here's what my hair looked like.

LOL @ my facial expression...I just woke up and undid the knots...I did one knot very small, thus this is what all of my hair would have looked like had I tried it.  Here's what I think it was SUPPOSED to look like.

  For the newbies who don't know what Bantu knots are, there's a pic below.  You  basically twist the hair and roll it into a knot.


  1. None of the pictures are showing up. :(

  2. Hey Mo,
    No pix are showing up...I wanna see the headband :o)

  3. Sorry about that, my computer was acting funny - I uploaded the pictures again so you should be able to check them out now! Thanks for letting me know :)

  4. Mo, your face in that bantu pic!!

    I've been trying to work up the nerve (and stamina) to try a knot out as well. Maybe I'll try one over break. Will let you know how it turns out if I do!

  5. Ashni LOVES when I do Bantu knots for her. She always wants a couple of rows in the front and then a ponytail or a bun in the back. It looks really cute once it's done, but it's time consuming. We save it for special (fancy) occasions.