Sugar and spice

I got my hair straightened on Friday, and I love it. It got frizzy pretty quickly, but I like the look of "big hair" so i'm all for it. I think this will be my look for the fall and winter...I will be attempting to teach myself how to do it once every week, or maybe every two weeks. I'm not worried about heat damage, and here are a couple of reasons why:

  1. There are naturals who straighten regularly and experience no visible curl loosening.
  2. Yes, I know it will be added "damage" to my hair, but we "damage" our hair whenever we detangle, style, or touch it right? Yes, it may be too much for some, however I got my hair straightened regularly in middle school and NEVER experience heat damage. This was for 2 years of bi-weekly hair pressing. Thus, I know my hair can handle this, when done properly.
  3. Loo's recent post totally gave me some validation for it, and I really appreciated it.
  4. I'm really happy with my hair's current length. I'm content with MAINTAINING this length.
  5. Long hair is no longer my holy grail, however I am still aiming for healthy hair. I believe you can have healthy hair, and have it straightened regularly.

Sorry for the poor picture quality - I used my phone. A picture is better than no picture, right?


  1. It looks great! I think if you want to straighten it regularly you should! It's your hair so enjoy it :-)

  2. I was just thinking about straightening my hair after 2 years of no heat. Mostly, I wanted to do it in order to get a proper trim, but also to show off my length at work *evil chuckle*

  3. Your hair looks so pretty! Love the face - LOL. Your former co-worker, BG!

  4. For a time during my hair "journey" I was getting my hair straightened once a month for trimming and for fun. I never had any problems getting my curls to pop back. The only reason I stopped was to save money and not worry about sweating back during working out. In February I suffered some heat damage from a bad press job, but it was the stylist's fault totally :o(

  5. Looks so pretty! But I'm going to have to disagree with you straightening your hair every week. I have to be honest! lol. I'm gna check out the link u posted about the "reassurance" and get back to you hehe.


  6. Thanks everyone!

    @jhenny53 - I feel you RE working out. I'm going to have to see how that all plays out. I'm glad to hear that worked for you too - your hair always looks healthy and beautiful! :)

  7. I love it!!!!! It's your hair, so do as you like.

  8. I don't know why but your blogs were not appearing in my blog list even though I follow. I unfollowed and refollowed - hopefully it was just my blogger.

    Anyhoo - your hair is cute :)

  9. @Soror Nakia - thank you :)

    @Jc - oh no, that's not good :(. Thank you also!