New Hairstyle

I can't remember the last time I did a post about hair. This is due to many reasons. One of which can be easily attributed to my indecision when it comes to me and my hair.  Another is my recent lack of inspiration with my hair, in general. I seriously consider chopping it all off once a week. WELL, I recently was *inspired* by one of the style icons of at BGLH. Lurie is a beautiful woman with GORGEOUS hair! I wanted to style my hair to look exactly like one of the styles she displayed in her interview. Well, my style did not turn out to look like Lurie's, but it's a nice version of a that style, so it's "new."

I don't know when/if I'll have time to do a tutorial (considering I barely want to do my hair). However, I'll try to explain how I did this style. I created a side part. Did flat twists on the side with the least amount of hair. I did medium-sized two-strand twists on the side with more hair. Then, I folded and pinned the two-strand twists to my liking, and used bobby pins to secure them. The entire style took me about one hour. I'm not sure that the tutorial makes sense. I tried to take enough pictures so that you could see the style from every angle.

I think this style is a really elegant natural style, and is great for a special occasion, or a professional, office setting. If you try this style, let me know!!!


  1. Absolutely LOVE it! I'm going to try it when I take down my 'hawk! Thanks Mo <3

  2. That hairstyle looks great on you! I can imagine this with some flowers added in the back too. I understand your temporary hair woes.

    The other night I woke out of a nightmare - I dreamed I went to a new stylist and instead of deep conditioning and trimming my hair, she put in a Jheri Curl! Girl, I was too through - well, in my dreams. In real life though, this week I am going to someone new to have them check my hair; it's been acting sort of weird lately and not cooperating like it has been. Then I'm just going for some more afro twists because I'm tired of fighting my hair.

  3. This doo is super cute!!! I just did and posted my first hair tutorial on youtube yesterday! Man that takes a lot of time, I feel ya on that lol!