So you think you can dance...

Top - Fcuk; Skirt - American Apparel; Sneakers - BCBG for Keds; Hat - Anthro

Date: Saturday, September 24, 2011

I'm back, and this outfit is nothing spectacular. However, Saturday was a day of errands, and Naja + mommy + errands means comfort! I honestly don't love the way it turned out, but I figured what the heck - just go ahead and post it anyway...

It just so happens that I started watching So You Think You Can Dance during my official maternity leave. The dancers on the show are AMAZING! I love watching people display pure talent and dedication to their craft. Watching the show inspired me to try dancing more! Note: I am not a trained dancer, and I have never taken any dance lessons. I have rhythm, but I'm not a "dancer." I was playing around with some "hip-hop" moves in the first picture. Not my best work, but it was fun nonetheless!


  1. I want your legs! Do you run or something?

  2. @Aritul - :) Yes, I do run, I've been slacking the past 2 weeks, but I try to run ~10 miles/week. Now, I just do a ton of walking and stair climbing!

  3. Well if you have any run tips that you can share, please do. I despise running, but I realize that it's one of the best exercises I can do. How do you keep yourself going?

  4. @Aritul - I would say find an exercise that you enjoy, or at least one you can tolerate first. I don't love running indoors, but I can tolerate it. Ultimately, health (and a bit of vanity) keeps me going. I'm the type of person who needs to work to keep weight off. I'm happy with myself now and want to maintain that. Thus, I know I need to work to do so! I hope this helps and good luck!