Nursing as a Working Mom

As promised, here's my update on nursing as a working mom. So, what's it like nursing your child as a working mom? Well, you basically pump as much as you nurse. I pump at least three times a day. Right now I pump around 8:45 am, 12:30 pm, and 4:15 pm. I pump every time Naja would eat. I try to pump close to the time that I leave work for home so that I'm moderately "full" when I get home. However sometimes Naja needs another bottle right before I get home, so I pump an additional time in the evening. I also *try* to pump once on the weekends, in the morning, an hour after I nurse (when my milk supply is at its greatest). This is great because I can freeze this milk, and save it when I travel for work.

My employer is very accommodating to nursing moms. They have a Mother's Room equipped with a phone, internet hook up, electrical outlet, table, chair, and mini fridge. This is great because it allows me to work while I pump. It's also great because it's a relaxing environment. I've pumped in a public bathroom, and on the train - neither of which were relaxing. I definitely think your comfort level affects your milk supply!

So, she really knows how to put on a show...

A couple of tips for the working/nursing mom:
1. Be mindful of your attire. Those hard to get on dresses probably aren't your best option while you're pumping.
2. Be open and honest with your employer about your desire to give your child your milk. Work things out to benefit both parties. Just because you're pumping doesn't mean you can't work. You can easily send emails, read material, and make phone calls while you pump.
3. Nurse your baby every opportunity you have! This means in the evenings, at night, and on the weekends. This will help your milk supply tremendously.
4. Have one pump for the home, and another for the office. This is costly if you have to buy both pumps. Although, I received both pumps that I have from friends. You can definitely make things work with one pump. However if you have a tough commute, it can really help you save time and effort to keep one at work, and one at home.
5. Understand your daycares rules with breast milk. Ask questions like: What do you do with milk that you have warmed up that's left over? How do you warm up the milk?
Her face two seconds after the previous picture...smh

Finally, I promised to tell one shenanigan story regarding nursing at work, here goes... Last week, I got out of training a little early. I excitedly left work at 5, with the hopes to catch a 5:20 bus back home. I began my usual commute home: walk to the metro station, hop on the metro, ride one stop up to where I catch the bus, then get off the metro. While getting off the metro, a little voice said, "You're feeling quite light today Monique." I looked down and recognized that I LEFT MY PUMP AND MY MILK AT THE OFFICE! Now, I would have continued on my trek home if the milk was in the fridge, but I put the milk in my bag because I planned on taking it home with me. There was no way I was wasting 12 ounces of milk. Thus, I hopped back on the metro, rode one stop back to work, walked back to the office, picked up the bag, and headed back on my trek home. I got home at 7:20. Womp, womp womp.

Naja is wearing: Jacket - Baby Zara; Shirt - Baby H&M; Leggings - Baby Gap; Shoes - Gift *All clothes except the jacket were hand me downs :)


  1. That's dedication! If I ever have kids, I'll keep this in mind. And, you have a super supportive job and that's a blessing.

  2. @Libby - The support from my job is a HUGE bonus and help with my decision to nurse Naja. It would be a challenge to do it without a compliant employer!