Hair Update

Hi Everyone,

If you've wondered why I haven't posted any recent hair pics/styles, it's because I have been all over the place with my hair styling. This normally happens when I'm tired of styling my hair, it leads me to be quite restless. For example, last week I went from a rolled updo, to mini-twists -for a sec, I took them down when I realized I had no time to do them- to two-strand twists, to a flat-twist updo, to these Grecian-style braids pictured below. This has been my solace in my hair style frenzy.

WARNING: You will see a poor, sad illegal ponytail in outfit 3 of 30 in my 30 for 30 challenge today.

In other news, I did a bentonite clay treatment for my hair because I ran out of my AOHSR and Whole Foods was out too. I mixed 1/4 cup bentonite clay with 1/2 cup water. I think this may have cleared up whatever scalp issues I was having. I know my typical shampoo is not a deep clean, thus, the clay solution must have removed the product buildup that was irritating my scalp. I'm going to include bentonite treatments to my hair on a monthly/sixthly basis. I know sixthly isn't a word, but don't you always wish there was any easier way to say that you do something every other month? I do.

I used bentonite clay solutions in mid-2009, when I was on my "mixtress" tip. I added a ton of other things to the solution then (honey, yogurt, ACV). I'm going to stick to 1 part clay to 2 parts water moving forward.

How is your hair going? Are you tired of it? I'm at the point where I don't want to spend more than 1 hour on my hair EVERY WEEK, LOL. It's a phase, I know, this too shall pass...


  1. I am TOO tired of my hair. Well, I was, then I ended up with an awesome hair day today, so maybe I'm not anymore. Anyway, I feel your pain. :(

  2. Let's just put it this way: Today I wore a hat to work and hoped I wasn't asked to take it off...

  3. Don't trip. I am rocking an illegal ponytail as we speak! In a few hours I am going over to see a friend who will cornrow my hair. I am off to vacation and will be rocking those cornrows for two weeks after which I am going to get these kinky twists put in ( and chill on it for a month or so. I KNOW I will miss my hair after all that time. absence makes the heart grow fonder y'all!

  4. btw, i just started a new routine where i am just washing my hair with rhassoul clay shampoo and then moisturing and braiding. i am gonna keep doing this for a few months and will get back to EVERYONE if it works out. the weekly 5-part hairwashing saga is SO not my bag!

  5. I love the large up words - my husband is king here. Yesterday he said he wanted a herb called selby. We walked up and down the herb section only for him to pick sage eventually. Selby was actually salbei the German name for sage.

    There is a term for every other month - bimonthly but we can call it sixthly still :)

  6. @ Jc - I always get confused w/ the bi-monthly term. Some people tell me it means two times/month. Either way, someone tells me I'm wrong. And LOL at your husband wanting SELBY!!!

    @ Camille Acey - YES to the illegal ponytail! I put my hair in mini-twists last night. Thus, I like you, will be leaving my hair ALONE for *hopefully* a month.

  7. I've been transitioning since last Christmas, and two french braids have been my go-to style as of late. I'm going to try parting it like you've done here to switch things up. Thanks for the tip!

    I also love Bentonite Clay! I was "mehh" about it at first when I mixed it with water. But now I use ACV, and it makes all the difference in the world for me.