17 of 30: I 'Heart' Color

Dress - French Connection; Cardigan - Anthro; Shoes - Everybody via Anthro; Tights - Urban; Scarf - Anthro; Earrings - Gift

Date: Monday, November 22, 2010

I love color. I knew I wanted to include some bright pieces in my 30 to challenge me to stretch my creativity and create some cool outfits. I would have never put this outfit together if not for this challenge. I always knew that purple and gold went nicely together. However, I struggled with what color tights to pair with it. At first I thought - keep it neutral, then I changed my mind and decided to add another color - GO FOR IT! One of the style books I have (InStyle New Secrets of Style) talks about mixing colors and states that there is a general "rule of 3*" when mixing colors. They explained that you can typically mix up to three colors and be totally awesome. I use this a lot to help me determine if my color mixing is a little too much or just right. In this sitch, adding color number three added an extra punch!

*Note that this is a general "rule", and not law you can definitely get away with more colors at times!

Random note: Jazz, if you're reading this, these are the earrings you got me for Christmas FRESHMAN YEAR!!! Yes, I still have them and wear them from time to time, luv ya!


  1. I loooove this outfit. Very cute :-)


  2. this looks so great on you! i love all the colors :)