9 of 30: Holiday party

Dress worn as top - H&M; Skirt - Anthro; Shoes - Steve Madden; Tights - Anthro (2009); Headband - Anthro (2009); Necklace - Anthro (2009); Earrings - Anthro

Date: Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm back home today, but my usual picture spot was occupied by a large crate holding trash :(. Hopefully you can still see everything with the stone background...

I am going to a holiday party this evening. At the party, awards are being given for "Best Dressed." I'm sure I won't get best dressed - the ladies & gents attending this party are extremely stylish - however, I still want to have a holiday themed-outfit. It was REALLY hard sticking to the theme with my 30 items, but I think I pulled this outfit together with a passing grade. When I think of the colors associated with the winter holidays, I think red, blue and silver.

RED because it's always warm inside. Also, think about how comforting red hot cocoa is when it's below freezing!
BLUE because you get so cold in the winter, until you're blue in the face, fingers and toes.
SILVER because it's icy and snowy - remember the 70" Philly got last winter?

Unforch, I have no red in my 30 items, but I do have some blues and some great winter accessories! I got my headband from Anthro last year, and it will forever be my favorite winter accessory. I feel like it helps any regular outfit look wintery! Also, you probaly can't tell from the pic, but the tights are similar to tensil, they are sparkly! Finally, I added a red lip to finish the look! I think I tied in the winter theme alright...what do you think? Do I look holiday/themeish?


  1. wow, you really pulled it off - great look on you, too.
    So impressed you're already at outfit n. 9. I thought I was ahead with lucky number 7!

  2. YAH for the sparkly tights and I think this colour is absolutely gorgeous on you! I love this cut in both the blouse and the skirt. Wrapped buttons - such lovely detail! You're the best dressed in my book! Enjoy the party!

  3. I think I speak for all us pretty girls in saying that I'm most excited that you don't have any red items in your 30 lol!

  4. U make me wanna try red lipstick!
    Your pics are so cuutte!

  5. @Amma Mama - do it, it may take some getting used to (it did for me), but find the right shade and you'll LOVE color on your lips!