My hair this week

This week, I rocked a bun, no puff/poof/coiff - just a bun.  It's really nice to know I have a "go-to" hairstyle that is easy and protective now that I'm at this length...hopefully I'll see more length-retention since I'm keeping my ends tucked away. 

I used a banana clip to hold my hair.  I used an ouchless band and some hair pins to shape the bun.  This east-coast unbearable heat leaves me wanting hair that is up and away, lol - it's too hot for anything else!

For cool things in the future...I'm in a wedding on Saturday, I plan on doing a roller set - hopefully I'll get some last minute inspiration and do something really stylin' with it!  Unforch, I only have one pic from my bday "going out" hair - I will upload that later today or this week.  Also - I *think* I will have the ability to put some videos together in the near future.  I'm super excited about it and look forward to sharing some style how-to's, my hair story and other randoms.


  1. This style looks great! When mine grows out, I plan to revisit the "cinnabun" hairdo on Youtube. I rocked that one for many months while transitioning. It's a very cool style. Best wishes to you on your wedding hairstyle. Your readers await. :-)

    p.s. Have you noticed any changes/improvements in your hair since you have gone meatless or is it too early to tell? I've been curious about that.

  2. Libby - thanks! It's a relief to have this style in my "book" now! RE changes due to my diet...I haven't noticed any changes in my hair thus far. I have noticed significant changes in my body though - I've lost 5-10 pounds and I rarely feel tired now! I am taking daily vitamins (starting 1-week ago) - I'll see if I notice any changes with that addition to my diet!

  3. Congrats to you! After watching Julie & Julia, some friends of mine commented on whether or not we could cook our way through an entire cookbook. I think it would be cool to try cooking my way through a vegetarian cookbook, not because I am vegetarian, but who knows! Plus the meals would be healthy. Maybe I'll start with a rather small cookbook. :-D