Mid-Week "Change-the-Game" Style

Last week I rocked my usual two-strand twist style - it's my staple.  I was getting bored with it mid-week and decided to try a bun with a spin*YAY b/c I'm almost past "illegal bun" length*.  Check it out...

Originally, I was not going to post anything about this style.  However this style warranted me some unexpected compliments, so I felt the need to share :)!  Let me also mention that my twists were nearly one-week old at this point, this was a great "change-the-game" mid-week style!

Tutorial: Plat small-medium sized two strand twists all over your head.  Section off all of the twists in the front-center-half of your head.  Check out my 'Top' pic view for an idea of how much to section off. Take the twists at the top and plat a large flat-like twist toward a side. Pin the twist down with a bobby pin.*  Pull the rest of the twists into a bun with an ouchless band.

*If hair is longer, put the remainder of the twist into the bun.


  1. what exactly is "illegal bun length"?

  2. "Illegal bun length" = when your hair is not really long enough to make a bun. Or when most of the hair on the crown of your head is not long enough to help fill out the bun. Thus, causing it to be a "poor" excuse for a bun or "illegal."

    It's a term I made up as my family would tease me in high school for wearing "illegal buns."